Zn Stearate, Water, ≥40%, ≤5um

Zn Stearate, Water, ≥40%, ≤5um

Zn Stearate, Water, ≥40%, ≤5um

Cosmetic Additive
Emulsifierb Agent
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Zinc Stearate Dispersion for Cosmetic Additive

Chemical formula:ZN(C17H35COO)2

Molecule weight:M=631

Solid material:≥40%


Specific gravity:1.05~1..15

Free fatty acid:≤0.5%

Particle size:≤5μm




This product is in the form of milky emulsion, easily disperse in water. It’s very creamy. It is insoluble in ethanol and ether; It will become stearate acid and chrome zinc when it is mix with strong acid chemicals.


Package and Storage

200 kilogram plastic barrel; stored in cool and dark place. Shipping under sunshine proof and water proof condition.

Cosmetic Additive