Mg stearate, Water, ≤30%, ≤5um

Mg stearate, Water, ≤30%, ≤5um

Mg stearate, Water, ≤30%, ≤5um


Product Performance

Water-based magnesium stearate is a high-tech product produced with nano-composite technology., The appearance is white emulsion, non-toxic products, no pollution, no hazard properties, environmental friendly.It’s easily dispersed in water, with a fine degree and have a good insoluble dispersed phase. It have the features of good transparency, anti-foaming, good stability, good anti-sinking, fast drying, easy dispersed, grindability, improve the hydrophobic of coating surface and the handfeel of paint film.

Specification index

Appearance: White milky emlusion

Solid material: ≤30%

Particle size:≤5μm

Whiteness: ≥91

Viscosity: ≤4#cup 350s

Free fatty acid:≤0.5%

PH: 7~8

Specific gravity: 1.05~1..15




It can be used as a lubricant, anti-sticking agent, flow agent. It especially suitable for oil, extract type drug granulation, made of particles with good fluidity and compressibility. It also can be used as filter aid, clarifying agent and foaming agent, and a liquid preparation of suspending agent, thickening agent.



5%, please treat process for dosage adjustment.


200kg/plastic barrel

1. Must be closed to save, not to store exposure.
2.Non-exposure, must be stored in a cool place.
3. In the winter should prevent freezing and demulsification,it should be stored above 0 °C.

4. Not with high alkaline acid compound piling up together, in order to avoid the sour lye to leakage and produces chemical reactio with zinc stearate n, affect the stability

5. This product long time storage may be slightly precipitation phenomenon, stir well before use it,it won’t affect the use effect.

6. Transportation should pay attention to the protection measures.