TiC Powder, >99.9%, 40nm

TiC Powder, >99.9%, 40nm

TiC Powder, >99.9%, 40nm


Nano Titanium carbide powder (Nano TiC powder)




Technical Parameters




Specific surface area(m2/g)

Volume density(g/cm3)


Crystal form










Note: according to user requirements of nano particle can provide different size products.

Product performance

        1 Our company powder body purity is high, the particle size is small, the distribution is even, is bigger than the surface area, the surface activity is high, thermostable, the oxidation resistance, degree of hardness is high, is one very good refractory anti-friction material, widely is applied above the hard alloy, the wear-resisting ultra hard material;

        2 Nanometer carbonized titanium have the good electrical conductivity, may serve as the fusion electrolysis the electrode and the electricity touches the prime conducting material;

        3 Increase nanometer carbonization titanium extremely may reduce about the carbonized titanium ceramics agglutination temperature 200 degrees, and may the refinement ceramics crystal grain, enhance the ceramic agglutination performance;

        4 Nanometer carbonized titanium may take the ceramic material enhancement, enhances the metal, the ceramics matrix material mechanical properties and the electric conductivity effectively.

Application direction

        1 Nanometer carbonized titanium applies in the astronavigation part: Considered difficult to melt nanometer carbide TiC, ZrC to have 3000 °C above melting points, has the very good strength at high temperatures, moreover is good with the tungsten compatibility, the thermal-expansion coefficient is close, and has the tungsten is lower than much densities. Nanometer TiC p/w and the ZrC p/w compound materials’ intensity gradually enhances along with the temperature rise. Nanometer TiC p/w and ZrC p/w separately in 1000°C and 800°C have the highest intensity, compares with the respective room temperature intensity enhances obviously. Then the temperature continues to rise, the intensity drops. The compound materials this kind of unusual strength at high temperatures is because the W substrate enhances along with the temperature by brittleness transforms as the plasticity, causes nanometer TiC and the ZrC pellet is even more remarkable under the high temperature to the plastic W substrate enhancement function, causes the compound materials to have the extremely good strength at high temperatures, but the nanometer TiC pellet has the better high temperature enhancement effect compared to the nanometer ZrC pellet to the W substrate;

        2 Nanometer carbonized titanium foamed ceramics: The foamed ceramics takes in filter’s to each kind of fluid inclusion to be able effectively, except that its filtration mechanism is the agitation and the adsorption. The filter request material’s chemical stability, specially the filter which uses in the metallurgy profession requests the high MP, therefore kind of material by oxide compound majority, moreover for the adaptation metal melt’s filtration, mainly pursues the heat-resistant knocking to be able the enhancement. The nanometer carbonized titanium foamed ceramics has a higher intensity, degree of hardness, the heat conduction, the electrical conductivity compared to the oxide compound foamed ceramics as well as heat-resisting and the inoxidizability;

        3 Widely apply in makes the anti-friction material, the cutting tool, the mold, the smelting metal crucible and so on many domain transparent carbonization titanium ceramics is also the good optical materials; The grinding compound and the grinding tool profession carbonization titanium grinding compound is tradition abrasive substance and so on substitution aluminum oxide, silicon carbide, boron carbide, chromium oxide ideal materials; Nanometer carbonized titanium’s attrition ability may compare favorably with the artificial diamond, reduced the cost greatly, at present in countries and so on US and Japan, Russia obtained the widespread application. The nanometer carbonized titanium material manufacture’s grinding compound, the grinding wheel and grind products and so on paste to be possible to raise the grinding efficiency, the enhancement attrition precision and the surface smooth finish greatly.

        4 Powder metallurgy domain: The nanometer carbonized titanium powder body uses in the powder metallurgy production ceramics, hard alloy components raw material, like wiredrawing mold, carbide die and so on. The nanometer carbonized titanium base hard alloy has the following characteristic: (1) degree of hardness is high, generally may reach above HRA90; (2) the resistance to wear is good, rate of wear is low; (3) good thermostable and oxidation resistance ability; (4) the heat conduction performance is good, the chemical stability is good.

Storage conditions

        This product should be stored in dry, cool and sealing of the environment, can not be exposure to air, in addition should avoid the heavy pressure, according to ordinary goods transportation.