ITO powder,99.99%,100nm

ITO powder,99.99%,100nm

ITO powder,99.99%,100nm

nano Indium Tin oxide (ITO) powder
MF CAS No Appearance Particle size
In2O3/SnO2 50926-11-9 Blue/Yellow powder 100nm,or can be customized asyour request


Purpose for blue ITO nanopowders:

Purity Composition Patticle size Specific Surface Appearance
99.99% In2O3:SnO2:90:10,or 95:5 100 15-40m2/g blue powder,also could supply yellow powder


Indium tin oxide (ITO), is also known as tin-doped indium oxide. It is a mixture of indium oxide (In2O3) and tin oxide (SnO2), usually a composition ratio of 90% In2O3,10% SnO2. When it is film-like, is transparent, slightly brown. When block status, it was grayish yellow. When powdered, it was yellow, or blue. The main characteristics of indium tin oxide are its electrical conductivity and optical transparency combination.




Application  for blue ITO nanopowders:


1, ITO film stress regulation may be higher than 1400 ° C and harsh environments, such as gas turbines, jet engines, and rocket engines.
2, ITO is also used in a variety of optical coatings, most notably in architecture in the infrared - reflective coating (hot mirror), automotive, and sodium vapor lamp glass. Other applications include gas sensors, anti-reflection film, and Bragg reflector for VCSEL lasers.
3, ITO is mainly used for the production of liquid crystal displays, flat panel displays, plasma displays, touch screens, electronic paper, organic light emitting diodes and solar cells, as well as EMI shielding and antistatic coating a transparent conductive coating.


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